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Pest Control


Got bed bugs?

Critters under the house?



Do you have elm beetles, aphids, or other unwanted pests in your yard or in your house?

Call Joe!

We are licensed to handle all pest control issues.

Bed Bugs Lifecycle.jpg
Bed Bugs

Not something you want to find in your mattress or carpet! Joe is licensed and experienced in detecting and eliminating unwanted pests from your household. It begins with identifying the culprit, and then working out a solution to get rid of the problem.​​

Mouse Eating Wires.jpg
Mice, Rodents, Critters

Small mice, rats, squirrels, skunks, and other critters can cause damage to your wiring and nest in your insulation. We have the professional solution to your problem.​

Swooping Bat

Bats are actually good for the environment, eating pesky mosquitos by the hundreds. But no one wants them in their attic!

We can remove or exterminate, and then seal entry ways so they won't return.

Mouse Feces in Insulation.jpg
Mouse Eating Wires.jpg
Joe not only gets rid of the mouse problem, he can remove and replace infested insulation, electrical damage, or drywall damage.
Mouse Damage in Insulation.jpg

Let's talk bed bugs


Safety First

Let Joe investigate for pest/termite issues. 
If he discovers infestation,  Joe can implement his Handyman expertise to repair the damage (See our Handyman page for more pictures!)
Be proactive and utilize Joe's Quarterly Pest Control Services to prevent serious problems. 
Termite damage pre.jpg
duct work maybe more.jpg
Termite damage - Joe offers remediation and repair.
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